the final countdown

Navid Azeez (right; host of monthly Cipherstock event) and Kurt Canfield performing at the BloomBars Family Reunion Fundraiser (photo by John Chambers)

This week I have witnessed some magical moments in — and connected to — BloomBars. A night of music and live art co-hosted by owner Omrao Brown at Liv on U St… a closing reception for our art auction that included performances by poets and our samba instructor… and our Family Reunion last night, which brought together artists representing everything from hip hop to Hindustani music. By the end of the evening, musicians from very different genres were discussing future collaborations (and jamming together on stage).

What’s brought so many artists and supporters together in a short amount of time is the dire need BloomBars is in to simply keep the doors open into the new year. In addition to our regular programming and these mega-bloom events, we’re also in the midst of a time-sensitive online fundraising campaign. Please support us in any and every you can – check out an event, make a donation online, volunteer at a show, and tell your friends about us.

We sometimes hear BloomBars referred to as a “venue.” It’s not. It’s a garden that can only help us grow as artists, advocates, and a community if we keep it fed and watered.

You Bloom. We Bloom.


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