drifting toward my roots

performing "aged: selected true stories" at a Subcontinental Drift open mic at Dahlak

When I say “roots,” I mean both culturally and artistically. Back in late 2008 when I started going to open mics around D.C. for inspiration — just to get me back into writing poetry — the first one I attended was organized by Subcontinental Drift at Liv. SubDrift has been around since 2007 and provides a performance space hosted by South Asians where anyone can get up on the mic and offer a poem, song, stand up act, dance (not on the mic but you know what I mean), etc.

I remember standing in the back at Liv that night in awe of a room full of my fellow Desis from the subcontinent and its surrounding islands putting on a show largely by and for each other. It was reminiscent of the many cultural programs I took part in as a youngin — singing Carnatic music, dancing Bharata Natyam or Kollattam group dances, or belting out “Wind Beneath My Wings” or “Eternal Flame” with my fellow Sri Lankan Tamil gals in CT. Yeah, that’s how we did it.

But I digress. This Monday, May 24th SubDrift returns to Liv after a year or more of traveling down U St. to other venues and back — and I’m super psyched (and nervous) to be hosting! ‘Tis my first hosting gig (not counting my regular 7:30 am open mic on Mondays at Bloombars…yeah yeah I know, you’re coming…that’s what they all say).

See you Monday night!


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