some new poems…

The first is a solo poem and the second is one I penned with Jonathan B. Tucker.

* * *

the things i don’t say

could fill a mausoleum

the taj mahal reticent

in the moonlight

like a fire’s

last glowing ember

the truths i refuse to tell

could pack my suitcase

for a four-week getaway

with something new

to wear each day

the sentiments i omit

are the back story to

the character i play

for you, my motivation

between scenes

the things i have never understood

are piling up like wet newspapers

in a snowstorm when

nobody is home

(gowri k.; 2-8-10)

* * *

tight enough to print

by gowri k and jonathan b tucker

if it’s worth saying
it deserves the page
need not take it to the stage
some words make good secrets

some thoughts should be kept pressed neatly
folded in with your daily essentials,
like chapstick- not made for sharing
or blared from the megaphone of your mouth
sit down, student, and write it out

let it be your tirade typed out in
times new roman between
margins tight enough to print
right enough to splint broken
thoughts whole again by
tying them together, heart to pen
jumping in tandem, parachutes
sailing on air then landing
on the page


* * *


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