facebook poem


facebook is a great way to find friends
and file them away for later
neatly categorized into lists like
“hometown,” “work,” “writers,” “family”
neatly ignored status updates, photo uploads
from real life to the small screen
from my world to your news feed

someone’s exhausted
someone loved waterworld
that one is headed out for whiskey
and this one is regretting the day

i will invite you to my party
or the party of one of my
374 friends
and you will hit ‘accept’
so that all of your
632 friends
can know
you’ll be
and when

and if you do live up
to your wall post
and show up
maybe we will
meet in real life
rather than flinching
at eye contact
and pretending we hadn’t
pored over enough photos
of the other that we’d know her
in a dark room

facebook is the 21st century stamp collection
facebook is a friendbook
it’s your e-autograph on my life
saying i was there


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